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Develop solid web applications with ColdFusion

Adobe® ColdFusion® Application Server provides a central platform for building and deploying web and mobile applications . ColdFusion is designed for web-based scripting languages and database applications. In 1995 Allaire developed ColdFusion. Macromedia acquired Allaire in 2005. Through the acquisition of Macromedia, the product is now owned by Adobe Systems.

ColdFusion consists of three main parts:

  • ColdFusion Application Server (the world's first application server)
  • ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML, a scripting language that enables programming of server-side applications)
  • Development environments (such as Eclipse, Adobe ColdFusion Builder or Adobe Dreamweaver).

    ColdFusion is a server-side page scripting language that competes directly with other similar systems such as ASP.NET, JSP / Servlet, Ruby on Rails (RoR), ZOPE (Python), Perl, and PHP.

    More information at www.adobe.com .

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    ColdFusion services from Switzerland since 1998

      ColdFusion Apps

      • Development of web applications in the field of the Internet, intranet and extranet
      • Takeover and support of existing ColdFusion applications

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      ColdFusion Hosting

      • virtualized server infrastructure with fast CPUs in the Swiss data center
      • Support and security monitoring of the server
      • Complete package including e-mail server and spam filter

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      ColdFusion CMS webIQ

      ColdFusion CMS webIQ

      Mura CMS

      • Maintenance of existing MURA CMS solutions
      • Hosting of MURA CMS solution
      • Migration MURA CMS

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      ColdFusion News & Interesting Facts


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      Poke Bar Clara (Migros)


      Push your sales

      Consumer goods & brands

      Profondia AG - Factory


      Explora Events AG


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      KSBL - Website (v2)


      Klinik Schützen


      KSBL Intranet - V3


      Nikon School (Switzerland)

      Consumer goods & brands

      Profundia AG - Intranet


      Profondia AG - Userbase


      Suisse ADPKD Registry

      Schools / universities

      University of Basel - hazard identification

      Schools / universities

      University of Basel - room planning

      Schools / universities

      University of Basel - course catalog

      Schools / universities

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