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With our "WordPress Speed Offer" we offer one of the fastest managed WordPress hosting solutions for Switzerland. In order to achieve this speed, we operate our own highly optimized WordPress server in a high-performance data center in Basel. We are not a reseller of any other hosting provider. You can find out how to create a fast WordPress website in our nextron Inside article.

Specialized WordPress hosting infrastructure

Our WordPress servers are based on 4.9 GhZ AMD CPUs and local NVMe SSD storage. We use the proven Ubuntu 18.04 LTS as the operating system. The powerful nginx or OpenLiteSpeed (OLS) are available as web servers. To ensure that the content can be retrieved without delay, we use server caching based on Fast-CGI, REDIS or LS-Cache. This includes both page and object caching. Additional caching plugins at WordPress level are not necessary. If you're targeting a global audience, we're happy to configure a free or paid CDN. This ensures that the website can also be called up very quickly from anywhere in the world.

> Technical details about our WP hosting

«Fast & Secure Managed WordPress Hosting in Switzerland»

  • 30-day free trial / 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Competent and personal WordPress support
  • 99.9% server uptime guaranteed
  • Server location: Switzerland
  • Free WordPress site migration

Technical Specifications / Explanations

Email accounts with spam filter (1)

Included in the hosting subscription:

  • IceWarp Mailserver
  • Responsive Webmail
  • Contains non-configurable AntiSpam and AntiVirus protection ( SwissMailGuard Lite)
  • Storage space of the emails is considered part of the correspondingly booked storage space (max 2 GB / account)
  • Daily security limit of 500 outgoing emails per account

Mailbox PLUS (option for hosting subscription):

  • 10 GB storage space
  • Online email archive 2 years
  • Exchange / Outlook Active Sync/Push Email
  • iOS / Android synchronization
  • Workgroup functions (e-mail, calendar, tasks, contacts, notes)
  • Daily security limit of 500 outgoing emails per account (can be expanded free of charge if necessary)
  • Surcharge per account / email address: CHF 4.00 / month

SwissMailguard Business E-Mail (option for hosting subscription)

  • Mailbox PLUS services
  • Configurable AntiSpam protection including white and blacklists ( SwissMailGuard Gateway)
  • Can only be activated for an entire domain
  • Surcharge per account / email address: CHF 5.00 / month

WordPress security package (SSL / firewall / virus scanner) (2)
  • Class A+ SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt
  • Firewall 1: Network firewall for IP/port restrictions
  • Firewall 2: 7G WAF or ModSec 3+ at server level
  • Real-time patching: at the PHP level
  • Fail2Ban: at server level
  • Malware virus scanner: The WordPress installation is regularly checked for vulnerabilities and viruses. In the event of irregularities, we receive corresponding e-mail alerts.
WordPress Speedpaket (Server Caching / CDN) (3)
  • Server caching: To ensure that the pages can be called up quickly, we use server caching based on Fast-CGI, REDIS or LS-Cache. Both page and object caching are covered. Additional caching plugins at WordPress level are not necessary.
  • Content Delivery Network: If you are targeting a global audience, we are happy to configure Quic.Cloud CDN (free with quota) or a dedicated paid CDN. This ensures that the website can be accessed very quickly worldwide. We would be happy to advise you individually. The consultation and installation is free for "WordPress Speed Hosting PLUS" customers.
WordPress Support (4)

Telephone and e-mail support for technical problems:

Maintenance work / troubleshooting:

  • Of course, we fix technical problems in connection with our infrastructure free of charge.
  • Minor problems (up to a maximum of 10 minutes of working time) on the WordPress installation side are also fixed by us free of charge.
  • If a repair requires more than 10 minutes of working time, the customer will be informed in advance about the expected effort. This can be the case, for example, if you have to update themes or plugins manually or if individual elements of the WordPress installation are not compatible with a PHP update. The customer can then decide whether he wants to make the change himself or commission us to do it. Our hourly rate is CHF 150.00
Managed WordPress Updates (Core / Plugins / Theme (5)
  • Smaller WordPress core updates (minor updates) are carried out automatically. The plugins that we have classified as "update-safe" are also updated automatically.
  • All other updates are carried out by us periodically and separately. After these updates have been carried out, the website will undergo visual functionality. If there are any visible malfunctions, the backup is restored before the update.
  • Problems that arise are analyzed and fixed on a copy of the website on the staging environment. Troubleshooting up to a maximum of 10 minutes is free of charge. Interventions of more than 10 minutes will be charged at CHF 150.00 per hour after consultation with the customer.

What are the advantages of specialized WordPress hosting over standard website hosting?

With WordPress hosting, the server configuration and operation are optimized for WordPress. That means it can include additional PHP features, PHP versions, and even themes and plugins that make the website work more effectively. This means that you can enjoy improved performance, increased security and specialized WordPress support. Below are some of the benefits that you can expect when you choose specialized WordPress hosting from nextron:

    • Speed: Our servers are designed for WordPress performance. Your server will be optimized for optimal WordPress performance and faster page loading times. Our systems are based on the fastest web servers Litespeed or nginx. Our servers are free of unnecessary ballast, compared to common all-rounder hosting platforms from Plesk or cpanel. For caching, we use the high-performance server caching technologies REDIS and LSCache.
    • Security: We monitor our systems around the clock. We use the latest anti-virus tools and periodically scan the entire website for vulnerabilities and infections. In addition, the website is secured with a firewall and real-time patching. In the event that a website is hacked, we will clean it up for you in the shortest possible time.
      Predictable server utilization. This means that we can allocate resources better and solve technical problems more quickly.
    • Easy setup. Preconfigured settings enable tools such as SSL certificates or content delivery networks (CDNs) to be easily connected. You can use these tools with standard web hosting as well, but a few additional steps may be required.
    • Beginner friendliness. WordPress hosting comes with pre-installed WordPress software, automatic updates, and expert customer support.
      We provide our PLUS customers with premium WordPress themes and WordPress plugins (SEO, multilingualism, search, image optimization) free of charge. If you had to purchase these plugins and themes individually, they usually cost more than the whole hosting.

    Is nextron WordPress hosting really faster?

    Practical example: Moving a website from a standard hoster to nextron's WordPress-optimized infrastructure

    The website (nextron's own project) was located on the infrastructure of M******, one of the largest Swiss providers, which is given number 1 in various hosting comparisons. We use this provider for various websites and this is considered to be a powerful hosting provider in Switzerland. We can't say anything negative about the provider either, the support and availability were impeccable. They're just a general host and not specialized in hosting WordPress. Since we have now built our own powerful WordPress hosting platform, we migrated this website to our infrastructure.

    Loading times before the move

    Wordpress hosting before 1

    And here are the loading times after the move to nextron's powerful WordPress infrastructure. The loading times have almost halved solely due to the server change from 3.6 to 1.9 seconds.

    Loading times after moving to the nextron WordPress infrastructure

    WordPress hosting after 1

    Frequently asked questions about our WordPress hosting

    Can nextron help me migrate my WordPress website?

    Definitely. Our team of WordPress experts is very experienced in migrating older WordPress applications to newer versions. In most cases we are able to migrate WordPress applications from other hosts without any problems. Do not worry!

    Does nextron also sell other web hosting packages?

    Nextron offers a wide range of web hosting plans. If your requirements do not match one of our web hosting packages, we would be happy to work with you to develop a tailor-made web hosting package for you. Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to advise you competently and make you an offer.

    What are the contract terms?
    • All prices are exclusive of VAT.
    • Contract term and billing: calendar year in advance, years commenced are billed per installment
    • No setup costs
    Swiss quality hosting

    Swiss quality hosting

    • Swiss data center
    • All data in Switzerland
    • First class hardware
    • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    • Try it free for 30 days
    • 60 day money back guarantee

    Competent WordPress support

    Competent WordPress support

    • WordPress programming
    • Support with WordPress plugin setup
    • Support with the WordPress migration

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