Server Housing / Collocation Own server in the data center in Basel

You can bring your 19" server configured with you or have it obtained and configured by us as required. We are also happy to take over the management and maintenance of the servers (including on-call service). Our infrastructure is located in the Netrics data center in Münchenstein near Basel.

* Price details
For servers with a public Internet connection (web server, etc.) we charge CHF 99 for the first HE and CHF 50 for each additional one. For backend servers without public Internet connection (dedicated DB servers, cluster file servers but also firewalls, etc.) we charge CHF 60 for the first HE and CHF 50 for each additional one.

Sample calculations:

  • A 1U server costs CHF 99
  • A 2 U server costs CHF 99 + CHF 50 = CHF 149
  • A 4 U server costs CHF 99 + 3 x CHF 50 = CHF 249
  • A cluster of two 1 U web servers and a 2 U backend DB or file server is CHF 99 + CHF 99 + CHF 60 + CHF 50 = CHF 308

Dedicated Server including server rent

We also offer you to procure the appropriate hardware for your projects. We advise you on the choice of the right hardware and help with the installation.
Optional services such as alerting, monitoring and system maintenance are also available.
Dedicated servers are also available on a rental basis.

Service Pack Upgrade

Backup solution and replacement hardware
Weekly disaster recovery images, restore anywhere and replacement hardware for minimal downtime.
Unit price: CHF 100.00 / month

7x24h monitoring and reboot
Proactive monitoring of hardware and software. 1 case per month included. Each additional case CHF 60.00
Unit price: CHF 100.00 / month

System maintenance
Implementation of system updates, system maintenance and monitoring / archiving of log files
Unit price: CHF 100.00 / month

Remote power reboot
Reboot options via hard reset (power off / on). Access via web interface.
Unit price: CHF 7.00 / month

Remote IP-KVM monitor port
Access to the server console even if the operating system is not booted (BIOS etc). Access via web browser with secure HTTPS.
Unit price: CHF 7.00 / month

Other IP addresses
Additional IP addresses for the server
Single price: CHF 10.00 / month

Backup capacities passive
Own share on offsite storage for self-administration of backups with own software or scripts:

  • 10 GB for CHF 5.00 / month
  • 20 GB for CHF 8.00 / month
  • 50 GB for CHF 18.00 / month
  • 100 GB for CHF 30.00 / month
General information
  • Use of the nextron DNS free of charge
  • The servers are always located behind our firewall and are individually configured with appropriate rights (no open RDP etc., otherwise via SSL VPN).
  • Deep monitoring (individual services) and alerting via email or SMS to your mobile phone
  • Telephone and email support:
    • Support times (Mon-Fri 8: 30-12: 00/14: 00-16: 00)
    • Remaining times
    • Further SLA levels optionally available
  • All prices are exclusive of VAT.
  • Contract and billing: quarterly in advance

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