Focus, Facts & Figures

Our philosophy

Nextron internet team GmbH is a full-service internet agency from the very beginning that offers solutions, services and products in the field of NewMedia.

The aim of nextron internet team GmbH is to use the know-how optimally for the needs of its customers, whereby quality, efficiency and on-time fulfillment of orders play an outstanding role.

Nextron internet team GmbH maintains sustainable manners, be it with customers, employees or partners, which is why all requirements for a socially thinking and morally acting company are met.

Nextron internet team GmbH knows that their services can only be provided by qualified, innovative and motivated employees. For this reason, nextron promotes creative and flexible work in a team and supports its employees in realizing their professional goals.

1996 - 2016 - 20 years of nextron

It all started with the phone booths at Barfi. The internet company nextron is now more than 20 years old and is already a veteran in the industry. As one of the leading web agencies in the Basel region, nextron is likely to be known to the people of Basel through its “” platform.

With the Internet boom they have sprung up like mushrooms: The web design companies that create the millions of Internet pages. Basler nextron, however, is special in two respects: It was one of the first companies in this market, and numerous people from Basel make use of what it offers on the Internet.

Every day over 15,000 visitors to “” (formerly “”) can find the street they want in Basel thanks to the official city map, catch the right tram with the BVB timetable and take a quick look what's going on in Basel cinemas - including a short film review. In addition, an e-mail reminder service that can be subscribed to free of charge ensures that the waste paper or scrap iron is brought to the door on the right day.

Phantom Lord, Woddel, Rogue

The “” platform is also at the center of the history of nextron, which has developed from three computer freaks into a professional company over the past ten years. “Phantom Lord”, “Woddel” and “Schelm” got to know each other on a BBS mailbox (comparable to today's chat rooms), just as the Internet age began. In addition to exchanging tips and tricks, the three permanent guests developed the idea of a Basel web page, which was unique at the time. So the first meeting took place in July 1995 - of course at the telephone booths at Barfi, which for once not only formed the meeting point for the exit, but also the start of a successful company history.

Just a month later, the three of them were online with “” - compared to today, however, with a rudimentary version tailored to tourists. “The platform was the catalyst for everything that followed in the company. As a training platform, it provided the know-how and was the reference for our customers, ”says Lukas Frei. In March 1996, Nextron, which had been registered as a GmbH shortly before, received its first order: Thanks to the cheapest offer, the three were allowed to create Ciba's corporate website for CHF 30,000; an order that would be worth several hundred thousand francs today.

20 years later - over 500 implemented projects

Since the company was founded until today, nextron has been able to successfully implement over 500 projects and will continue to provide its customers with competent support as a solidly managed company in the future.


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