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What Web Design Solution Do You Need?

Professional corporate website solutions

Bring your website to life and present your company in new splendor! As a web design agency for professional corporate website solutions, we offer a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics . We help you to build a stylish online presence that strengthens your brand and makes a lasting impression on your target groups. With our know-how from over 26 years of web design agency work, we create a website that perfectly suits your company.

Current corporate website references

Responsive web design for Esisuisse in Basel

Web design basel reference esisuisse

Responsive web design for Gruner AG in Basel

Web design basel reference gruner

Responsive web design for aprentas in Basel

Web design basel reference aprentas

Responsive web design for Solexperts AG

Corporate website reference solxperts

Cost-efficient WordPress websites for SMEs, clubs and organizations in the Basel area

Use the full potential of your online presence! With our cost-efficient WordPress solutions, we create a website for you that is not only visually appealing, but also easy to update and maintain . Regardless of whether you are a small company, a non-profit organization or an association - we as a WordPress agency in Basel have the know-how and implement your needs efficiently . Even after going online, we won't leave you alone. We maintain and monitor your WordPress installation with our Swiss WordPress Speed Hosting Service so that your installation is always up to date. As a web design agency with over 25 years of experience, we look after over 100 Internet solutions based on WordPress in Switzerland. Contact us now and let's take your online presence to the next level together.

How much does a WordPress website cost for an SME?

The development costs of a WordPress website depend on various factors, such as project scope, functional complexity, necessary adjustments, desired design and availability of content. A realistic budget for the homepage of an SME looks like this:

Website for small business (budget: CHF 1'500 - CHF 5'000)

  • Startup meeting (consultation, design review using samples, sitemap creation, coordination)
  • Creation of responsive web design based on a contemporary WordPress theme
  • Integration and configuration of WordPress plugins for e.g. forms, employees, references, Google Maps and SEO
  • Implementation of the supplied text and image material, support for the customer in implementing the content
  • Basic search engine optimization (title, URL structure & meta descriptions)
  • Going online and introducing the customer to the WordPress CMS
  • Set up Google Analytics
  • Provision of other web services as required

Website for medium-sized companies (budget: CHF 5'000 - CHF 12'000)

  • Startup and concept meetings (analysis, advice, approach, coordination)
  • Creation of website concept mockup, sitemap proposal with definition of primary SEO keywords
  • Elaboration of a high-quality web design with a design framework
  • Integration and configuration of WordPress plugins for e.g. forms, employees, references, Google Maps and SEO
  • Integration and configuration of complex WordPress plugins (e.g. for newsletters or e-shops)
  • Development of individual WordPress plugins (e.g. for database connections)
  • Site construction, implementation and editing of the supplied content, image processing
  • Search engine optimization (on-page SEO) using the assigned SEO focus keywords (coaching of the customer in the text creation optimized for Google)
  • Online switching and training of the customer in the WordPress CMS
  • Activation of online ads (Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Setting up Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Microsoft Clarity and Conversion Tracking

Website mit High-End Design (Budget: CHF 10'000 - CHF 20'000)

  • Same scope as «Website for medium-sized companies»
  • A graphic artist commissioned by us or the customer's existing graphic agency creates an individual web design
  • From this individual web design we create a completely responsive WordPress theme based on Bootstrap

1-page WordPress landing page (price range: CHF 750 - CHF 1'500)

  • Ideal for mailings and advertising campaigns, or as a digital business card
  • Sales-oriented 1-page website with a transaction-related structure (e.g. according to AIDA, FAB or PAS grid)
  • Example structure: Hero header with image and headline, intro text, services/offer, references, cliffhanger text, call-to-action

It is important to note that these prices are intended as a rough guide only. In the case of very complex requirements, there can certainly be outliers. We would be happy to create an individual offer for you.

How long does a WordPress project take?

The duration of a WordPress project depends on various factors :

  • Scope of the website : A simple 5-page website can be implemented faster than a complex e-shop solution with connection to third-party databases.
  • Graphic implementation: Customization by graphic designers can be very time-consuming, while using and customizing existing WordPress themes saves time.
  • Complexity of features and customizations required to meet the customer's needs.
  • Content availability : Reusing existing content can save time, while creating new content such as text, photos or illustrations is more time-consuming.
  • Customer Resources .
  • Acceptance of milestones and influence by stakeholders .

Typically, a small to medium-sized WordPress project takes between 4 and 8 weeks , while a more complex website can take several months .

Current WordPress references

Development of website for NewIndex AG

WordPress reference newindex

Programming website for Ehinger & Cie. Basel

Wordpress basel reference ehinger

Programming website for Botnar Research Center for Child Health University of Basel & ETH Zurich

WordPress cms reference brc

WordPress website for addiction help in the Basel region

Wordrpress basel reference search help

Pro bono internet solutions for clubs in the Basel area

On request, we support clubs in Basel and the surrounding area in the areas of culture, sport or welfare with free or heavily discounted services in the area of WordPress websites or WordPress hosting. Here is a list of organizations in Basel that we support:

Black Peter - street work Basel
Basel Head - Annual rowing regatta in Basel
FC Nordstern Basel 1901
FHNW Alumni Focus

E-shops for SMEs based on WooCommerce

Are you looking for the perfect e-commerce solution for your SME? With our e-shop solution based on WooCommerce you have found the optimal solution! The configurability of the system allows you to design and customize your shop to your liking. WooCommerce is "out of the box" so you can go online in a timely and cost-effective manner. In addition, there are no one-time or periodic license costs ! We support you from start to finish and ensure that you can get online efficiently.

Individual e-commerce solutions

We offer individual e-commerce solutions tailored to your specific needs . Our solutions optimize your online presence and provide a user-friendly experience for your customers, which ultimately translates into increased sales . We support you in automating your business processes and building an efficient and cost-effective online platform.

Individual web applications

With individual web applications, business processes can be automated and thus save time and money and increase quality through standardized processes. Our experts develop applications that are specially tailored to your needs and give you a competitive advantage . This allows you to concentrate on your core competencies and achieve your goals faster. Take the chance to raise your business processes to a new level!

Process of a web design project

Process web design project SME website

Analysis, consulting & conception of the digital solution

For a successful website that meets the requirements of both your needs and those of your visitors, we offer a tailor-made concept guide that we have developed. After you have filled it out, we will evaluate the results together at a kickoff meeting either online via zoom, at your site or at our location in Basel. The knowledge gained from this flows into the website concept (sitemap, website mockups, storyboard) and serves as the basis for further discussions.

Professional web design to match your appearance

Our web designs are contemporary and tailored to the appearance, orientation and target group of your company. We attach particular importance to user experience and usability .

We work with the latest web design frameworks (UI kits, web design themes) and use them to create a graphical interface that fits seamlessly into your company's appearance and reflects your corporate identity.

Of course, there is also the option of having a completely individual web design created by one of our web designers or your existing in-house graphic designer or advertising agency. We would be happy to advise you on the various design options and the corresponding advantages and disadvantages.

Based on the final layout, we program responsive bootstrap templates . A responsive website template means that it is optimally accessible for all common end devices (smartphone, tablet, notebook, etc.).

Development of your website

In the implementation phase, we set up a test server on a staging domain and install the defined content management system (CMS).

We integrate the responsive website templates into the content management system , install and configure standard plugins that are required for the functionality of your website. If you need bespoke applications , our experts will develop them at this stage.

We also build the structure of the website based on the final concept.

To give you an idea of how your site will look and function, we're collecting sample content . This allows us to test and optimize the website before it is loaded with the definitive content.

Content implementation with finishing touches

In the content implementation phase, we implement the content of your website together. We work closely with you and train you to ensure you have the necessary skills to efficiently add content to the homepage using the content management system and to edit it once it is live. For customers under time pressure, we offer implementation by us.

In addition to the legible design of the typography, we pay attention to the optimization of the images in order to achieve the best possible visual representation. We refine the way your content is presented to ensure that your website is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also user-friendly and functional .

Our goal is to provide you with a website that best represents your company and supports your business goals. As a full-service web design agency , we pride ourselves on accompanying our clients through every step of the process and making sure their online presence is perfectly tailored to them.

SEO / Search Engine Optimization to get you found

In order to ensure that your website is visited by your target group , we make sure that the content is implemented in a search engine friendly way . Your new website will appear high up in the hit lists of Google and other search engines. An attractive web design is only successful if many people notice it. It is therefore important that you take our instructions into account when writing the texts.

Swiss Web Hosting - Everything from a single source

Our web servers are housed in a virtualized server infrastructure in the high-performance data center of NortC AG in Münchenstein. We monitor our servers around the clock with an on-call service . We operate web platforms for more than 300 customers in Basel and Switzerland who place the highest demands on availability and security .


Webdesign Basel with WordPress CMS & WooCommerce

As a CMS, WordPress is ideal for small and medium-sized companies to manage the website, and as a blog supplement for larger companies, for example to communicate about current industry trends or news within the company. With the WooCommerce plugin, an e-shop solution can be efficiently set up.
Further information

Webdesign Basel with WebIQ CMS

The open source CMS WebIQ was developed by nextron in Basel and is used for complex web solutions that place high demands on flexibility and security. It can be used to implement complex Internet, extranet and intranet websites.
Further information

Web design Basel with Mura CMS

Mura - The open source CMS Mura is based on the industry standard Java and aims to make the administration of your website as easy as possible. Whether website, microsite, intranet or extranet, community website: Mura CMS offers everything you need.
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