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Core application


The application has different security levels and can be protected in different ways:

  • Login with a username and password
  • IP based access
  • Active Directory / LDAP
  • 2-factor authentication

Content Management System

With the focus on the core functionalities, our CMS is geared towards the simple and fast administration of websites. This is achieved through a clear structure and intuitive operation. Thanks to the open architecture, the software and its expansion modules can be easily adapted to the individual needs of each individual customer. This ensures that the customer has the right solution at all times.

User and group management

The user and group administration serves both the security of the application and the administration of the content access for users and user groups.


The authorization system defines which user or which user group can access content. Not only the access is controlled, but also which actions a user or a group have available within the system.


The widgets dashboard is a customizable start page that can be adapted by the respective user according to his wishes.


The individually adjustable notification module notifies the user of all changes to the content or reactions to one of his actions via the display icon.

Comment / reactions

Like the notifications, comments and reactions are a core function. They can be activated for each module.

The comments / reactions can be activated for each module in the application, if it makes sense. Like all functions, comments / reactions are also subject to the respective authorizations.

Icon bar

The icon bar is a customizable collection of links to internal applications or pages or external information. The user can freely choose the contents of the bar:



This module is used for news articles and can be sorted by date and category. Individual categories and channels can be subscribed to or globally predefined categories and channels can be displayed. In addition, the number of entries displayed as well as e-mail notifications can be selected.


The group widget is similar to the Facebook wall. Posts from the subscribed groups are displayed, which can be commented on or given a reaction (like, dislike, love, etc.). All groups / posts can be searched using a full-text search. This view can be defined for all or for individual groups.

Further modules

  • Dokumentenvewaltung
  • Events
  • Chat
  • Gallery
  • Jobs
  • Menuplan
  • eLearning


Do you need additional functionalities or a connection to your company-specific solution? No problem - our modular software architecture makes it possible!

We are happy to take on your task.

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