webIQ CMS Our basic building block for individual development

The tailor-made suit for your website

The ColdFusion-based CMS was developed by us over the years and tailored to the needs of our customers for a simple and flexible system for content management.

With the help of the layout module and a Wysiwyg editor, content management is child's play. Additional modules, e.g. for newsletters, eShop, forum or document management, are optionally available.

«The main features are the ease of use and the adaptability to the individual needs of the customer. »

Since the CMS is based on the open script language ColdFusion and we know the system inside and out, all applications can be adapted to the individual needs of each individual customer.

By combining standardization and individualization, the solution is optimally tailored to the needs of medium-sized companies.

nextron webIQ is the power tool for medium and large companies that value sophisticated usability and analysis.

webIQ offers a completely new approach to the construction and operation of web portals and complex websites. The focus is not on content management, but on optimally satisfying visitor needs.

“The focus is not on managing content as with conventional CMS, but on optimally satisfying people with information. »

nextron webIQ is not an actual CMS, but rather an innovative market research and management information system.

The current version webIQ 5.0 brings various small and large extensions with it:

The new core features are the following:

  • Multisite support (www.xxx.ch, intranet.xxx.ch, product.xxx.ch) - everything united under one roof and administration area.
  • Support of utf-8-based foreign languages (Chinese, Russian etc.)
  • Full support for responsive web design through modular content elements

Let yourself be convinced. We would be happy to demonstrate the functionality of nextron webIQ in person.

We are happy to take on your task.

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