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Customer registration

With the customer data obtained, you are able to divide your customers into target groups and inform them about new products or promotions based on their needs.

Insurance coverage

In cooperation with an insurance partner, offer your customers the option of insuring their products against theft and loss when they register.

Product registration

Use the knowledge of which products are used by which customers to inform your customers about updates, new products and other services.


Increase your visitor numbers through various marketing campaigns such as competitions.

Warranty and repair management

By registering the products, you simplify your warranty and repair management enormously. Warranty and repair cases can be ordered directly online and the relevant documents made available to your customers.


Organize special events for your registered customers and use the opportunity to come into personal contact with the customers.


Offer your customers added value. Align your promotions and campaigns to the appropriate target group without wastage.

Surveys and feedback

Start self-designed surveys about your products and promotions, get feedback from your customers. All with a few clicks of the mouse!

Cashback promotions

Manage target group-specific cashback campaigns online. The corresponding vouchers / credits can be issued directly to the respective customer.

Standard functions

Responsive Design

Our solutions are optimized for all devices. Whether by computer, tablet or mobile phone, we always put you in the best light!


Thanks to the various standard statistics, you always have an overview. By creating your own reports, you can compile your own statistics.


Keep your customers up to date. The newsletter can be sent separately to different target groups. The built-in statistics allow you to measure success.


Our software is multi-language capable, ie no matter how many language areas you want to serve, our solution speaks all languages!

Individual adjustments


Do you need further additional functions? Connections to a company-specific solution? No problem! Our modular software architecture makes it possible.

Additional services

Use the direct contact with your customers to offer more of your services. Third-party services can also be integrated in order to offer your customers additional added value.


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