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Room reservation system

Individual online room management and reservation systems for schools, universities, hospitals and large companies

Management of your event, seminar and classrooms and their configuration. Search for free rooms with filter criteria and number of seats. Conflict management (double bookings). Connection to display panel to display the rooms and their occupancy.

Have you ever thought about how much time and effort you put into managing your event, seminar and classroom space? Constant phone calls back and forth, keeping manual lists and tedious conflict resolution in the case of double bookings not only cost time, but also nerves. With our online room management and reservation system, you can automate all of these processes and focus on what matters most: organizing your events.

Our system offers you a variety of functions and services to simplify the administration of your event, seminar and classrooms. First of all, you can easily and conveniently manage the configuration of your rooms online. You have the option of storing the number of seats, the equipment and other details.

Extensive filter criteria

Another important function is the possibility to search for free rooms with different filter criteria. For example, you can search for rooms with a certain number of seats or a certain equipment. In this way you will always find the right room for your event.

Conflict management in room reservation

Conflict management is also an important part of our system. With the integrated double booking check, you are always informed in good time about possible conflicts and can solve them quickly and easily.

Display solution with room allocation

Last but not least, we offer you the option of connecting our system to a display panel. In this way, you can have an overview of the occupancy of the rooms at any time and visitors can see when and how the rooms are occupied.

In summary, our online room management and reservation system offers a variety of functions and services to simplify and optimize the management of your event, seminar and classrooms.


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