Set up calendar synchronization (CalDAV)

The basic settings for calendar synchronization are as follows:

User: your email address
Password: The associated password

If you are asked for a URL, this is usually:[email]/

Instructions for Microsoft Outlook 2010+ (Windows)

To synchronize e-mail / contacts / notes / calendar under Microsoft Outlook from version 2010,
please use the plugin 'IceWarp Outlook Sync':

The wizard will guide you through the installation.

Instructions iPhone / iPad (Apple iOS)

Set up a new CalDav account at:

Settings> Passwords & Accounts> Add Account> Other> Add CalDAV Account (for Calendar)

Username: your email address
Password: The associated password

You may have to show the calendar after the setup has been completed. You can do this via the calendar app via "Calendar" in the lower app bar.

Instructions Android

Android only supports Google Calendar by default. To set up a CalDav calendar, you need two third-party apps:

  1. Install " Caldav Sync Free Beta " from the Play Store
  2. Install an alternative calendar app, for example " aCalendar " from the Play Store

Now add a new account under "Settings" on your Android smartphone. Select the "CalDav Sync Adapter" account type.

User: your email address
Password: the associated password
URL:[email]/ replace [email] with your email address.
If necessary, activate the automatic synchronization on the newly created account.

Switch to a supported calendar app (eg "aCalendar") and display the desired calendar for the account you just added.

Instructions for the calendar app (MacOS X)

Open the settings of your calendar app. Go to Accounts. Add a new CalDAV account.

Account type: Manual
Username: your email address
Password: the associated password
Server address:


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