Mozilla Thunderbird

To set up your e-mail account under Mozilla Thunderbird, proceed as follows:

Open " File "> " New "> " Existing Email Account "

Important entries in the following mask:

- Email address: your full email address
- Password: Your password, which you can find in your nextron account information. (If you do not have the password, please contact our support)

Click on " Next "

Thunderbird 1

Thunderbird will search for suitable settings for this e-mail account, this will take a moment.

Select the type of account you want (IMAP or POP3) and click " Edit manually ".

Account type :

  • IMAP : Select this account type if you use your e-mail account on several devices, possibly also on smartphones.
  • POP3 : Select this account type if you only use your e-mail account on one device.

Attention: These instructions apply to the configuration of a POP3 account. For IMAP, use the IMAP ports listed on the "Server Information" page.

Thunderbird 2

Important: The full email address must be entered as the user name for the incoming and outgoing mail server!

In the case of the server address, you must enter " " as the server.

For additional security, we recommend that you select " SSL / TLS " for "SSL". For authentication, please select " Password, normal ".

Click Test Again, then click Done .

Thunderbird 3

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