Microsoft Outlook 2010

To set up your e-mail account under Microsoft Outlook 2010, proceed as follows:

Open " File "> " Info "> " New Account "

Important entries in the following mask:

- Email address: your full email address
- Account type: " IMAP " (for automatic synchronization) if the account is accessed from different devices (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.), " POP3 " if the account is only used on one device.

Incoming mail server / outgoing mail server:
Username : Your full email address
Password : Your password, which you can find in your nextron account information.
(If you do not have the password, contact our support)

Click on " More Settings "


Check the box under " Outgoing Mail Server ".


For additional security, configure your e-mail account under " Advanced " with the SSL settings and confirm with OK .


A test is then carried out after the " Next" button. If both ticks appear in green, the account has been set up successfully.

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